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Introducing: YogaCoach at Sydney Ka Huna

YogaCoach is a wellness and Yoga-based coaching method that creates a holistic and positive lifestyle, bringing you into balance within your best life. YogaCoach is based on the ancient principles of the science of yoga, contemporised with modern coaching techniques.

The purpose of these nourishing sessions is to create a conscious shift by tapping into and connecting with your heart to reveal your highest potential. In this way, you evolve into the best version of yourself and live a life designed by and loved by you

This yoga-based system fuses yogic principle, holistic lifestyle coaching practices and compassionate guidance to bring you into alignment with the world around you and your purpose in life.

Create a body that is healthy, vital, and aligned and feels good from the inside-out
An overall sense of lightness and expansion
Create a purified and strong nervous system and feel in harmony with your energy systems
Work with the mind to create positive mindsets, enhance focus and concentration
Clarity on what to do to take care of your body
Become clear about your dreams and tap into your unique gifts and talents
Knowing how to balance more gracefully between work, play and self-care
More grounded, happy and loving

6 x 1hr YogaCoach sessions face-to-face or via Skype
6 weeks of transformative yogic practices
Handouts, videos, meditations & homework to keep you accountable, vibrant and loving.

For more information email Cristina hola@cristinaarango.com or her website

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