Remedial massage is a great way to get dedicated focus on the areas you most need it. A well-trained remedial massage therapist will know how best to get pain relief and tension release from an injured, overused or painful area…. and getting a rebate from your health fund is a great incentive to take care of yourself!

Muscles and tendons can become tense, painful, damaged or impaired in some other way through accident, injury, illness or incorrect repetitive use… even just from sitting at your desk for long hours. Remedial massage seeks to work back to the root cause of the discomfort to provide pain relief and ongoing benefits.

A remedial massage may include passive stretching to support muscle release and joint mobility.

All massage has some similar benefits:

Increased blood flow to the affected area
Calming the nervous system to relieve pain and distress
Reduction in stress hormones
Better sleep
Improving circulation in general
Stimulating lymphatic drainage
Providing support to the immune system
Increased joint mobility
Improved posture
Improved skin tone
Emotional benefits
Support during times of stress such as breakup, IVF, redundancy etc

Massage can benefit many conditions, here are just a few:

Postural issues
Digestive disorders including constipation
Headaches / migraines
Insomnia related to stress
Soft tissue strains or injuries
Sports injuries
High blood pressure
The benefits we’ve listed compound and multiply when you have regular massage… we’ve seen clients shift long-standing issues after having a series of weekly or fortnightly massages! Your body gets to know that the massage is a time to let go of built up stress and so drops more easily into relaxation every time you come.

Have a chat to your therapist about what you can work on with a few regular massages… and check your health fund rebate to find out what you can get back from each massage.

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