"It really felt like I was being massaged by the ocean..."


We’d love you to meet our incredible team of practitioners!

Keep reading to find out more about each individual practitioner – and just so you know, our days are divided into the AM shift (8:30am – 3pm) and the PM shift (4pm – 9:30pm).

Laura is visiting with us from June - September

Various shifts each week, please call or book online

Laura has experienced the deep and profound healing effects of Ka Huna Bodywork and this can be felt in the compassion and integrity of her treatments. She holds a strong, yet gentle space for you to feel safe, grounded and to be connected with your own body. Laura believes that by working within a framework of consent, you can feel safe to drop into deeper receptivity. This naturally allows access to the stillness and truth within yourself. Working together with you to meet you where you’re at – the invitation is to experience the magic, wisdom and infinite possibilities of your own heart.

Darinka is available in the Centre:
Tues PM
Thur PM
Fri PM
Sat PM

My journey with Ka Huna bodywork began in 2011, where I completed 5 levels of training. Loving touch is a direct and powerful form of healing that many of us simply do not have access to, in a modern and busy lifestyle.

Working as a Ka Huna therapist allows me to explore movement, flow and breathwork in a form of trance dance where you, as a client are the choreographer, and I am the dancer.

I feel passionate about the transformation and changes that Ka Huna can offer; connection of spirit, mind and body. Entering a no-mind space, I invite you to surrender the day, your troubles and concerns; be held and nurtured in the space of Aloha.

Marcia is available in the Centre from time-to-time....
We'll update her next shifts here as they come up!

Tuesday 27th June PM
Tuesday 4th July PM

Marcia discovered Ka Huna 9 years ago. Her journey to healing led her to study the art of Ka Huna body work which assisted her to heal support and empower through her experiences with the loss of her dear grandmother, relationship separation and breast cancer.

Today she is fitter, happier and wanting to share her love for Ka Huna and it’s amazing healing nurturing qualities with you. Marcia is also a kinesiologist and mother of three beautiful children. Ka Huna is more than just a massage it’s a healing tool for mind body and spirit. xxx

Kanako is available in the Centre:

Monday AM
Tuesday AM

Rebates available with all health funds.

Kanako came to Australia primarily to watch Rugby then decided to do her Diploma of Remedial Massage to look for a chance to get into Rugby. (Basically she likes sports and wanted to help people particularly in sports). She has been doing sports/deep tissue massage since 2008.

In her words: “I might’ve been far from ‘Aloha’ world…

I started my Ka Huna journey in December 2011. At beginning, the reasons why I chose Kahuna were that I wanted to add something new massage methods into my work as well as that I needed something as a personal development. However, Ka Huna gave me much deeper inspiration than I expected. It opened me up to other levels of healing. Now I’m loving this magical healing treatment. I would love to share and spread Aloha experiences with lots people.”

Jay is available at the Centre:

Weds AM & PM

Jay’s journey with Kahuna massage started in a workshop where he found himself partnered up with a man whose arm had the continual shakes. Jay intuitively reached out to the man’s arm and pushed on a pressure point. The older man’s arm instantly stopped shaking for the first time in 5 years and he looked at Jay and expressed that he had just miraculous healed him. “No, you healed yourself, I just brought the loving attention to it,” Jay replied.

“For me Hawaiian massage embodies the 4 pillars that I feel are the corner stones to living a beautiful life and combating dis-ease in the human body. These 4 pillars are: Breathe, Movement, Touch and Community… all wrapped in love.”

Jay has had the great feedback from clients and also from our Ka Huna teacher, Mette Sorensen: “You are born to do this work. An old soul with wisdom you share with many, thank you. You are caring, intuitive and have great focus and flow in the Ka Huna massage.”

“The greatest beauty in the human experience is to love and connect. To touch another with love, to calm their weary mind, to nurture, to put them into a state where they can feel and radiate their own inner love… that is magic and where the magic occurs.”

Nikola (Czech)
Nikola is in the Centre:
Friday AM
Saturday PM
Tuesday AM

I love dance so Ka Huna massage attracted me immediately! It mixes all the elements together, how playful you can be!!

I always felt inside my heart I would love to help people, give them something, support them, make them feel better… So when I first saw Ka Huna massage I knew straight away that it was for me. Less than 14 days later I was learning how to do it!  So, here I am! Ready to give you unique massage full of blessing energy. Let me care of your beautiful body, mind and soul on this adventurous treatment where we together let it flow..

BTW:  The best feeling ever when your client after massage gives you hug and you really feel that hug is full of love and gratitude! Thats what I love to share!  LOVE and positive energy! Have a beautiful day, even if its not sunny, let it shine! 🙂

(PS: we loved Nikola’s words so much we didn’t edit them too much- they’re straight from her heart!)

Katerina Katerina
Katerina is available in the Centre

Monday PM
Thursday AM
Friday AM
Saturday AM

Katerina’s journey as a Ka Huna bodyworker started about 5 years ago. She always knew that there was a connection between body, mind & soul and wanted to explore bodywork more deeply to work with the whole person. She says that Ka Huna bodywork training has transformed her, opened her heart to new possibilities and she now loves to share her passion with others.

Katerina also has her Reiki 1 & 2 certificates. “The real power is being truly in our heart and allowing ourselves to go deeper than just physical level. That‘s where the magic begins… I love to connect and open my heart to my clients and create a space for them and to be able to nourish and relax their body.”

Steven is in the centre:

Saturday AM
After several years massaging, Steven began his Ka Huna / Lomi Lomi training journey in 2012, following “retirement” from careers in the the corporate world.
“To me, this beautiful form of bodywork is a unique, flowing, energetically vibrant, yet deeply relaxing, whole-body massage. It provides a holistic approach to healing in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions”
“I love how clients usually come out of a Ka Huna massage with a radiant glow – perhaps feeling revived, replenished, renewed, uplifted, or enhanced and always… nurtured.”
(Note: If you’ve never experienced Ka Huna massage from a male therapist – you may like to know it can be an amazingly beautiful healing experience to be nurtured and stretched and held so lovingly by a respectful, professional therapist with very strong arms!)
Dan Dan
Dan is in the centre:
Monday PM

Dan has always enjoyed creating with his hands and as a classically trained musician, viola used to be his only instrument of choice—now the human body has joined the mix. As a Ka Huna massage therapist and facilitator, Dan shares his knowledge, experience and passion for bodywork, creating a caring and humorous environment, safe for deep healing.

“It’s the reconnection between the body, mind and spirit that make Ka Huna massage so unique. Ka Huna is beautiful to watch, magical to receive and inspirational to give.” Dan continues exploring, qualifying and expanding new creative potentials of healing through his training at the highly regarded Mette’s Institute, and his work at Sydney Ka Huna.

His vision is to reconnect people with their uniqueness, passion, and the power and healing of music and touch. His gift to his clients and students is his ability to nurture love and openness like a contagious melody you won’t ever wish to forget.

Niki (Aust)
Niki is available in the centre:

Sunday PM until end of June.

I have a passion for Ka Huna massage, Heartworks Lomi Lomi &  Reiki as beautiful nurturing tools for creating relaxation, feeling a sense of wellbeing & releasing tension in the body. My purpose is to facilitate my clients connection with this healing through the dance of Kahuna massage.

I had my first Kahuna at 17 and although I didn’t see it at the time, it would return to me at a crucial turning point in my life when I was very very unwell to guide me on a healing path. Now, it brings me so much joy to share this experience that so wholly embodies vitality.

I deeply believe in the power  of Aloha to inspire personal transformation & promote wellness.

Tamara Tamara
Tamara is in the Centre:
Wednesday AM & PM

Once upon a time Tamara left corporate land and went for a break at a health retreat…and because she’s a curious kind of person she booked in for a 2 hour Ka Huna massage. After the most amazing, mind-blowing massage she’d ever had, the first thing she said to the therapist “How do I learn how to do that?”.

That was 13 years ago… since then she has completed 7 levels of Ka Huna training, Certificate 4 in what she calls ‘normal’ massage (Swedish/deep tissue) and also hot rocks. Tamara believes that healing comes from within each person. She loves to create the space for magic to occur… and then guide you to drop in to yourself where you can allow relaxation / healing / release to happen.

Cris Cristina
Cristina is away on yoga adventures until end of July x

(Health fund rebates available)
Cristina comes from the magical land of Colombia. Her love for life and wellbeing lead her to become a deep and intuitive Bodyworker and devoted yoga teacher.
Her passion for an integral approach to healing & bodywork have been inspired by completing level 7 levels of Ka Huna massage at Mette’s Institute, Diploma of Remedial Massage and Level 1 Cranio-Sacral Therapy.
Cristina’s approach to Ka Huna bodywork is fluid and empowering a mixed of serene relaxation and deep releasing. She will encourage you to connect with your breath and sensation in the body to you channel your energy positively by moving fluidly, breathing deeply and loving fully.
After nearly 10 years at Sydney Ka Huna, Lisa has moved on to other adventures!

You can see her farewell message on our Facebook page...

We wish her very well on her journey. x

Lisa is passionate about clients who are honestly interested in deep healing from the “inside-out”. This is purely based on her belief that we can only see the change in the world we seek, if we can change from within. She is inspired by those who take the biggest risks in life to ask themselves, what motivates me? What patterns truly serve and which ones can I change? And make a commitment to this process.

Lisa is also passionate about assisting clients through any emotional or physical blocks they feel prevent them from feeling free and unencumbered in life. From happy couples, yogis and athletes to those suffering grief states or illness, we all go through some form of transition and growth.

Click here to see Lisa’s farewell video message to all her clients… x

Nemara has relocated to Melbourne!

She will be available there for appointments soon.
Melbourne clients... let us know if you'd like her contact details.

Nemara is the former owner of Sydney Ka Huna! She’s back with us and available for massage for a short chapter – she’s enjoying being in the new centre and putting her 17 years of Ka Huna massage experience back into practice.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as welcoming new beautiful bodies onto her table!


Natalia Natalia
Natalia has moved onto other adventures... good luck Nat. x

Natalia has dedicated her life to the study of the body and the body-mind-spirit connection. It was in 2007 that Natalia first encountered Ka Huna and thought: “what an amazing massage experience to receive and what an absolute gift it must be to give!” And it is.

With her she brings years of movement, dance and biomechanics training along with a solid knowledge in anatomy through her studies in fitness and professional practice as a personal trainer. Well trained and intuitive hands makes Ka Huna Massage and Natalia a perfect match.