"It really felt like I was being massaged by the ocean..."

Mettes Institute: Ka Huna Massage Course

Mettes Institute is a nationally and internationally recognised training ground for kahuna bodywork.

High Spirits Mettes InstituteWant to know what sets us apart from all other massage centres? Why our practitioners are so good? They have all trained at Mette’s Institute on the Sunshine Coast QLD, under the direction of Mette Sorensen. Quite simply, when it comes to Ka Huna, there is only one training facility you should ever consider – Mettes Institute.

Established since 1994, the Institute has grown to be both nationally and internationally recognised for its kahuna bodywork and personal development training courses. Mette’s institute offers in-depth training designed for people interested in practicing kahuna massage both professionally and privately. Anyone can train to be a kahuna bodyworker. No prior massage experience is necessary, and people as young as 17yrs or as wise as 60yrs start their kahuna journey. Some people do the training just for personal development, and others train to be practitioners.

Courses are offered throughout the year, from beginner (Level 1) right through to advanced training (Level 7). Whether you want to be a massage therapist, or you are just looking for some significant shift to happen in your life, the Ka Huna courses at Mettes Institute (High Spirits Retreat) is for you.

For an overview of the institute, watch this short introduction video.
[youtube id=IuqyjfBSRfw]

“Such a significant week. If only everyone in my life could attend such a beautiful retreat. So much more than a massage course – this was a week of laughing, playing, walking, crying, healing, hugging, swimming, nourishing, connecting, releasing…and learning the most magnificent massage to give. If you want to change or start something in your life, this course will do just that – so effective. I am so blessed to be part of the tribe and look forward to the rest of my kahuna journey.” Mahalo – Sarah

For more information on kahuna training, including course dates and costs, visit the Mette’s Institute website.


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