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Introducing: Kinesiology at Sydney Ka Huna

So, what is kinesiology? How does it work? What is it good for?

PKP Kinesiology is a holistic method of recognising and rectifying imbalances in your body’s energy. It utilises the specialty of muscle testing or bio feedback system to discover where there is imbalances.

It works with the triangle of wellbeing. The three sides of our being include Emotional/mental, physical, and nutritional/bio-chemical. If one aspect is overlooked constantly (for example not eating the correct foods and nutrients) the whole triangle loses its structure.

When this occurs in our body our health tends to spiral out of control and will begin to affect other areas of our life. Imbalances in the body may correlate to injury, stress, nutritional deficiencies, learning difficulties, anxiety, pain or a wide range of other conditions. Any of these imbalances may be stopping you from reaching your optimal level of health.

Professional Kinesiology Practitioners use a wide range of adjusting methods to empower you to alleviate energy blocks, reduce tension, remove toxins, stimulate the body’s intrinsic healing ability.

Kinesiology can assist in the treatment of:
Stress & Confusion
Depressive Tendencies
Digestive Disorders
Fatigue & Tiredness
Back Problems
Learning Disabilities
Respiratory issues
Nervous Disorders
Food sensitivities & responses
Sports Injuries
Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement
General Wellbeing

Kinesiology is pain free and non-invasive. It brings about insight and awareness along with the potential to discover solutions and remove or reduce pain, resolve stress, and allows you to move forward to achieve your full potential.

Andrea is available at Sydney Ka Huna on Mondays. She’s offering $30 dollars off your first session.
1.5 hours $120 – normally $150
Call 0430 573 311 to book.

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