Hawaiian Ka Huna massage is a unique, flowing, energetically vibrant yet deeply relaxing whole-body massage. Your practitioner uses hands and forearms in long fluid strokes of varying intensity and rhythm up and down and all around the body.

The flow also incorporates stretches, under-body work, deep tissue techniques and sound vibration.
The energising effects of these stimulating movements and creative techniques are combined with clear healing intent and invocations (through chant or prayer) for positive transformation on all levels.

The radiant quality of Ka Huna touch communicates love, awareness, balance and compassion. It is the supportive touch that we long for, inspiring a clarity and confidence that liberates us from the stresses of life and confirms the body-minds expectation of what unconditional loving touch really is.

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Passive exercise: whether energising or relaxing, Ka Huna massage boosts the immune, circulatory and digestive systems and also improves muscle tone
Being totally nurtured and supported by your practitioner allows for the surrender of chronically held physical and emotional tension – stress and negative emotions give way to joy, trust and open–heartedness
Reach an inner state of self-realisation similar to that attained in deep meditation

Restores the flow of vital life energy

Increases the supply of fresh nutrients to your body’s tissues

Stimulates circulation and is a mechanical cleanser, helping to drain sluggish lymph material

Abdominal massage restores vitality to the digestive tract, encouraging effective function and potentially restoring organs to the proper location.


Every treatment is different.
Your experience will depend entirely on your intention for the treatment. You may experience anything from absolute joy, right through to deep emotional breakthroughs, soothing touch, healing energy and positive, empowering physical and emotional shifts.

You may simply feel totally nurtured and loved; you may have an awareness come to mind about your life; you may have a lovely vision of being in a beautiful place in nature, or you may release long held emotions that have been locked into muscles.

Anyone of any age, or background can experience a Ka Huna massage. The practitioner will always attune the massage as needed and treat every client with unconditional openness and understanding.

Come into the centre to experience the true transformation for yourself!

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