"It really felt like I was being massaged by the ocean..."

Heartworks Massage Course


So, What is Heartworks? Heartworks is a healing system which brings balance, restoration and heart-opening peace to the body. It is a style of Lomi Lomi.

When we speak of the body we are also speaking of the energetic body surrounding the physical body. When we massage, energy blockages are released allowing spirit, circulation, oxygen and life to flow through mind and body. On all levels there is unity.

The Heartworks Lomi Lomi method is a form of healing therapy that has its roots firmly planted in the intuitive or spiritual core of bodywork. Using the medium of touch from the heart and inner focus through meditation we can heal ourselves, release the past and embrace the now with an open heart.

There are many qualified Heartworks Lomi Lomi teachers and retreats to choose from… here are some to consider:

Hunter Valley with Hawaiian teacher Kawika Foster: www.manaokahiko.com/lomilomi

Sunshine Coast Hinterland – Couples course: www.mettesinstitute.com.au/Heartworks

Gold Coast Hinterland / Dangar Island: www.learnlomilomi.com.au

Northern NSW / Stradbroke Island: www.suntarawellness.com

Toowoomba / Bali: www.sacredhands.com.au

North Queensland – Level 1 & 2: www.julattenretreat.com.au

If you would like to try before you buy, come in to Sydney Ka Huna and ask for a Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage so you know exactly the type of massage you will be learning!



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