As with Yoga there are many different traditions/schools of Hawaiian massage. The Heartworks Lomi Lomi treatment hails from other teachers (kumu) in Hawaii and has a very distinctive flavor from the Ka Huna treatment.

It is a slower more meditative approach to the full-body.

Working with the body partially covered, your practitioner uses their hands as an extension of their heart, in soothing, specific, repetitive strokes to take your body into a deeply relaxed state. The practitioner channels ALOHA energy through the crown of their head via their heart, arms and hands to your body.


This is a deeply nurturing massage and very relaxing.

The aim is to take you into a deep meditative state where you feel completely relaxed and at ease.

The minimum time for this massage is 90 minutes, which is designed to get you into an incredibly relaxed state. This is the style of massage that is also taught at our Heartworks Healing retreats. See our courses page for more information on how you can learn this amazing technique.