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Introducing: Fertility Support at SKH

You can now PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR PREGNANCY with Nemara at Sydney Ka Huna.

As we jump into a new year, we all have our personal goals and desires for the year ahead. For many couples their focus in the coming months will be to start a family, or indeed to expand their beautiful family.

However, preparing your body for pregnancy is often overlooked in the enthusiasm to create – yet is undoubtedly the best foundation for an easy, healthy and swift conception.

Over the past 17 years Sydney Ka Huna has successfully helped countless clients to open their bodies to procreation with our healing, releasing, balancing and cleansing Hawaiian massage.

For the first time ever, Nemara Hennigan (the former owner of Sydney Ka Huna) is offering a 5 session tailored Pregnancy Preparation Program. Nemara has combined her 20 years of massage (Hawaiian techniques and Chi Nei Tsang the Taoist abdomen massage), organ cleansing protocols and healing knowledge to create this unique offering.

The program includes –
Abdominal massage (5 sessions)
Organ cleansing
Colon cleansing
Partner/friend massage training
Intention and focus
Referrals as necessary (colonics, herbalist, dietician or naturopath)

Can help to reposition a tilted Uterus
Promotes hormonal balance
Helps to break up scar tissue
Helps to bring fresh blood to the uterus
Helps to reduce stress and stress hormones
Increases circulation to the uterus and cervix
Helps liver to detox excess hormones
Helps the body to remove old stagnant blood and tissue
Releases long held emotions, softens tissues and creates ‘space’ for baby to grow

For more information, bookings and a 15 minute free consultation please contact Nemara direct on (0479) 116 400
Please note – There are a limited number of appointments available… (only space for 6 new clients)

Ps – her favourite APP for tracking fertility is KINDARA – check it out if you are on the path to pregnancy – excellent for charting your cycle, temperatures and fertile days. (Yes, Kindara rhymes with Nemara yet absolutely no affiliation!)

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