Spring / Summer 2015

Sydney Ka Huna | FAQ’s
Sydney Ka Huna is a Hawaiian Massage Centre in Paddington, specialising in Ka Huna, Lomi Lomi Massage designed to heal, relax & renew.
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Not quite sure what a Ka Huna is? Maybe you want to know about the music we use?

All is answered below! And if you have any more questions, please send us an email.

Ka Huna Turtle What is a Ka Huna?

Ka Huna massage is an ancient style of massage, traditionally performed to honour the body as a temple. It’s designed to relax, rebalance and invigorate the mind, body and spirit. During a treatment, the practitioner moves around the massage table with flowing hula movements, using their hands and forearms to massage the client.


Ka Huna Turtle Where did Ka Huna massage come from?

Ka Huna massage originated in the Hawaiian Islands and was passed down from generation to generation. It was originally used during rites of passage ceremonies and was commonly given by a family member as a form of healing and love.


Ka Huna Turtle Who can get a Ka Huna?

Anyone! Any age, any background. The practitioner will always attune the massage as needed and treat every client with unconditional openness and understanding. The only people who need to wait for their ka huna are pregnant women before the 12 week mark – after that it’s a beautiful style of massage for the mother and her growing baby.


Ka Huna Turtle What is a Ka Huna massage like?

To try and define Hawaiian Ka Huna massage is like trying to describe what chocolate tastes like! You can only ever really ‘know’ by experience. Ka Huna massage is often beyond words, and in that moment of giving and receiving it is beyond being and non-being, pure love. It is a celebration of our humanity; it is the massage of life.


Ka Huna Turtle Are there health fund rebates available?

Some of our remedial practitioners have health fund provider numbers. If you would like a health fund rebate, please ask to see one of our practitioners who are registered to do so. (Hicaps is now available at the centre so your refund is immediate – please bring your health fund card with you).


Ka Huna Turtle What will I experience?

Every treatment is different. Your experience will depend entirely on your intention for the treatment. You may experience anything from absolute joy, right through to deep emotional breakthroughs, soothing touch, healing energy and positive, empowering physical and emotional shifts. You may simply feel totally nurtured and loved; you may have an awareness come to mind about your life; you may have a lovely vision of being in a beautiful place in nature, or you may release long held emotions that have been locked into muscles. Everyone’s experience is different.


Ka Huna Turtle What are the benefits?

Ka Huna massage is very powerful and cleansing. Many people experience the release of old emotions and often feel completely transformed by the process. It can be a life changing experience as Ka Huna offers the space to surrender and really get to the core of underlying blockages – be it emotional or physical.
Ka Huna massage has the power to:
Instil calmness, peace and deep relaxation.
Release deep muscular tension.
Promote the faster healing of injury.
Allow energy in your body to flow more freely.
Support the immune, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic and digestive systems.
Re-energises and rejuvenates.
Improve flexibility.
Helps release anger, fear, grief, and guilt as well as negative beliefs and self-criticism.
Release traumatic emotional memories from the body.
Offer an opportunity for self-acceptance, self-love and self-empowerment.
Elicit an overall sense of wellbeing, vitality and balance.


Ka Huna Turtle What happens before a Ka Huna treatment?

Before a massage, your practitioner will chat to you for 5-10 minutes to understand why you have come to the centre and to establish an intention for the massage. This conversation helps the practitioner decide on what kind of music they will play and how they will approach the massage. For example, a massage will be totally different if the client has recently experienced heart-ache vs. a client preparing to compete in a big sporting event.


Ka Huna Turtle How does it compare to other massages like Remedial or Swedish?

In a Swedish or Remedial massage sequence, the back is exposed, worked on, and then covered before moving to the next body part. Usually there is a predetermined “routine” that the practitioner will perform every time. In Ka Huna massage, no two treatments will ever be the same! The body is worked on in long, flowing strokes (rather than pointed, isolated pressure), working sometimes both over and under the body at the same time. Another difference is that the practitioner is 100% present during the entire massage. At all times they are solely focussed on understanding the needs of your body. The intent is for healing on all levels, so music, sounds and rhythm are also a vital part to the massage.


Ka Huna Turtle What do I do during a treatment?

The best thing that you can do is to just ‘let go’ and let us do all the work. The more you can surrender into the massage, the deeper we can go and the more transformation can take place.


Ka Huna Turtle What kind of music is played during a treatment?

The music we play during the massage is quite different to other massage. Each practitioner has their own music preferences which can swing from tribal, to Hawaiian, to chanting, to world, to relaxation massage music. The practitioner is the dancer in this massage and the person receiving the massage becomes the partner in the dance.


Ka Huna Turtle What’s the difference between Ka Huna and Heartworks Lomi Lomi?

A Heartworks Lomi Lomi treatment is a slower, more meditative, gentle approach to massage, using only the hands and fingers. The Ka Huna treatment specifically refers to a style of massage that is done with the forearms more so than the hands and incorporates under-bodywork, stretching and sound vibration. Dynamic breathing and dance-like movements are also a feature of Ka Huna massage, making it a more energetic treatment.


Ka Huna Turtle Is it the same massage every time?

Not at all! All practitioners are taught to tune into the clients needs on all levels through listening prior to the massage. There are specific routines that form a basis for the bodywork, but the practitioner is taught to also use their intuition. Some of the standard massage techniques are included for specific purposes, in order to prepare the client to achieve maximum healing.


Ka Huna Turtle Do you use oils and/or what else is used in the massage?

We use a combination of natural massage oils (sunflower, almond and olive) during the massage. Some practitioners also use coconut oils and aromatherapy within their treatments.Hot Stones and Vacuum cups and sound tools/instruments are also additional tools used in some treatments (as needed).


Ka Huna Turtle What should I do after a massage?

Drink plenty of water and be kind to yourself. The massage can leave you in a beautiful glowing state or emotionally open so take it easy for the few days after a massage and let the energy continue to move throughout your body. Taking salt baths, eating really wholesome food, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest will allow you to experience the full effect of a ka huna massage.


Ka Huna Turtle How do I learn Ka Huna?

Anyone can train to be a Ka Huna bodyworker. No prior massage experience is necessary, and people as young as 17yrs or as wise as 60yrs can start their Ka Huna journey. Some people do the training just for growth and personal development, and others train to be practitioners. All of the Sydney Ka Huna practitioners have trained at Mettes Institute in Queensland. Check out the ka huna training page for more info.