"It really felt like I was being massaged by the ocean..."


Not quite sure what a Ka Huna is? Maybe you want to know about the music we use? All is answered below! And if you have any more questions, just scroll down and leave us a comment on this page!

What is a Ka Huna?
Where did Ka Huna massage come from?
Who can get a Ka Huna?
What is a Ka Huna massage like?
Are there health fund rebates available?
What will I experience?
What are the benefits?
What happens before a treatment?
How does it compare to other massages like Remedial or Swedish?
What do I do during a treatment?
What kind of music is played during a treatment?
What's the difference between Ka Huna and Heartworks Lomi Lomi?
Is it the same massage every time?
Do you use oils and/or what else is used in the massage?
What should I do after a massage?
How do I learn Ka Huna?

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