"It really felt like I was being massaged by the ocean..."

Bodyscrub + Ka Huna

The Bodyscrub is a great exfoliating and conditioning experience for your skin and your mind. Come and get a bodyscrub if you are feeling a bit sluggish, or you just want to feel totally refreshed and renewed on a deep-cleansing level.


This holistic treatment incorporates the nurturing, healing and relaxing Hawaiian massage techniques, using only natural and organic ingredients to revive and cleanse your mind, body and spirit.

The Bodyscrub is an amazing way to renew your body, leaving it feeling fresh and touchable!

[youtube id=KkN9oBc6dr8] Bodyscrub
Body Scrub ingredients:

– Coarse Rice Flour
– Fine Bath Salts
– Walnut Exfoliant
– Pumice Stone Granules
– Bush Flower Essences
– Coconut oil
– Pastel pink Australian Face clay and Honey
– Certified organic Virgin coconut oil
– Aloha and Love!

Salt is a powerful energetic cleanser and penetrates deeply on all levels and combined with the healing and releasing effects of the Bush flower essences means that the bodyscrub is excellent for times of letting go and confidently moving forward in your life.

What happens in a Bodyscrub Treatment?

After an initial shower to open the pores, the practitioner will scrub your body with our organic bodyscrub mix as well as apply a face clay mixture to your face and neck.

After the scrub is complete, you will step into the shower to wash the scrub from your body – when you come back to the massage table, the practitioner will condition your skin with coconut oil.

A Ka Huna massage or a relaxing heartworks Lomi lomi massage will follow, depending on your requirements on that particular day. Enjoy the radiant glow of your skin when the treatment ends.

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