Body Scrub & Ka Huna Massage

Our bodyscrub and Hawaiian massage combination treatment is designed to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and your body feeling grounded and relaxed.

The bodyscrub is a great exfoliating and conditioning experience for your skin and your mind. Come and get a bodyscrub if you are feeling a bit sluggish, or you just want to feel totally refreshed and renewed on a deep-cleansing level.

This holistic treatment incorporates the nurturing, healing and relaxing Hawaiian massage techniques, and dry bodyscrub using exfoliating gloves to revive and cleanse your mind, body and spirit.The bodyscrub is an amazing way to renew your body, leaving it feeling fresh and very touchable!

A Ka Huna massage or a relaxing Heartworks Lomi lomi massage will follow, depending on your requirements on that particular day. Enjoy the radiant glow of your skin when the treatment ends.