An icon of Sydney since 1999

Sydney Ka Huna is a place of relaxation, healing, breakthrough, release, nurturing, calm, and most importantly – results. If you’ve had something in your life (be it physical or emotional) that just won’t shift – then you’ve come to the right place! You can get a Ka Huna massage to help heal a hurting body or a hurting heart – it can be anything you want it to be.

We strongly believe that our ability to thrive as a business after all these years, comes down to our high standard. Every practitioner has undergone an incredible amount of training and personal transformation to gain their spot on our team. Several “massage auditions” are required for a practitioner to work at Sydney Ka Huna – so we can always ensure that our clients will get a top treatment – every time.

We believe in Ka Huna massage so much that all of our team get regular massages themselves to ensure that they continue to learn and grow with this amazing healing modality.

We love nothing more than seeing someone after their very first Ka Huna massage! The impact is instant and obvious. Watching people come to Ka Huna for the first time and discover its true healing benefits is such a joy. Many people become instant converts! It is such a pleasure to witness the transformation of people as they work with us to breakthrough physical or emotional barriers in their life.



A bit of history for you – in 1999 a determined little Irish woman named Nemara opened Sydney Ka Huna with four other therapists. That’s right people, an Irish woman opened a Hawaiian Massage centre in Australia. But it worked! Thirteen years later it was still a thriving business, having been a precious gem of Sydney and a place of consistent healing for so many loyal clients.

Then in 2012, Nemara stepped aside and handed her business over to an experienced practitioner and businesswoman – Tamara Green.
Tamara has studied all 7 levels of Hawaiian Bodywork & Philosophy at High Spirits Retreat with Mette Sorensen and worked at a number of retreats prior to working at, and then owning Sydney Ka Huna. She brings her experience from time spent massaging at Camp Eden, Gaia Retreat and The Sanctuary Byron Bay… as well as a career in advertising agencies and magazine marketing. Tamara is passionate about the ability for humans to transform, shed skins and expand into new ways of being and brings that passion to Sydney Ka Huna.