"It really felt like I was being massaged by the ocean..."

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    I can still remember how I felt after my very first Ka Huna three years ago. I’m sure I was on another planet when i came out of that little room in Paddington! Up until that moment, I thought that I was an experienced massage-receiver. Not so! This took massage to a whole new level – massage was never going to be the same again. In fact, it’s almost ruined every other massage style because NOTHING COMPARES to a Ka Huna from these guys.

    Over the last few years I have seen the practitioners at Sydney Ka Huna to treat everything from a sore shoulder, to helping me get clarity in my own head, to helping me through grief.

    I certainly attribute Ka Huna to MAJOR CHANGE in my life – I don’t think I would be the person I am now without it. Sydney Ka Huna offers such an incredible service and sanctuary, if ever I talk to a family member or a friend who is going through some kind of “stuckness” in their life, this is the first place I send them to.

    When i try to explain what a Ka Huna is, I always come back to chocolate! How can you describe chocolate to someone? How could you POSSIBLY capture the experience! My advice – do it. Try a Ka Huna. Then you’ll be in the know, and things will never be the same again.

  • Mark

    Wow! There is something special going on at Sydney Ka Huna. Thanks Darren for an exceptional experience. 3 days later and I am still very much connected to the powerful energy that got ignited in our session… and it’s not going anywhere! I know that Ka Huna will become a regular and integral component of my well being regime. Thanks guys, see you soon! With love, Mark

    • sydneykahuna

      Beautiful feedback Mark – thank you for sharing… and see you very soon!
      Mahalo. x

  • Zoe

    During a really dark and unhappy time I searched for everything and anything that could lift my mood and emotional stress. I found Ka Huna during one of my many research sessions online and I read a testimonial on the website, which detailed a massage with Elena. I decided to call and book for the first available slot, I was instantly drawn to Ka Huna. I just so happened to speak with Elena and I booked in for the following morning. I cannot praise and appreciate Elena enough, she made me feel completely at ease and was so warm – straight away I felt comfortable and discussed everything with her. I truly feel I was meant to meet Elena as she has really helped me. The massage was incredible. It’s hard to explain, you just simply have to have one! Afterwards I felt an emotional release and Elena was so lovely, crying infront of a stranger is usually embarrassing but it was comforting instead! I’ve booked in again for next week and I can’t wait.

  • GB

    Thank you Elena. Today’s was a very good massage.
    I will definitely be back. Cheers.